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SE24 Share Offer

Following SE24’s applications to the GLA London Community Energy Fund (LCEF), SE24 was granted £14,300 to investigate the feasibility of a solar photo-voltaic installation on roofs at The Charter School North Dulwich a large local secondary school which is part of The Charter Schools Educational Trust.

SE24 also secured a capital grant of £56,000 (covering one third of the required capital) towards two LED lighting projects – a large project at Charter School, plus a smaller one at the Charles Dickens Primary School in Borough, which is also part of the same Trust.

We are very grateful for this support provided by LCEF, backed up by the GLA, which recognises the vital role that Community Energy organisations can make to meet climate change targets in London and across the UK, whilst delivering long term benefits to local communities.

Following the feasibility studies, we are now progressing these projects. The next step is to raise the money we need to meet the rest of the project development and capital costs.

We are aiming to raise £240,000 to be used as follows:

  • £102,900 to fund the installation of roof-top solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at The Charter School, North Dulwich (a 117-kW peak installation).
  • £132,500 to complete two LED lighting installations: one at The Charter School, North Dulwich (providing 1,750 LEDs/fittings), the other at Charles Dickens Primary School, Borough (providing 140 LEDs/fittings).
  • £4,600 contingency in case of any installation cost over-runs.
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Urban Partnership/The Masbro Centre – Crowdfund

The Edward Woods Community Centre is a vibrant community centre with over 2000 visitors each week (pre-Covid). We pride ourselves on providing an informal non-judgemental space where residents can take part in or initiate any number of low cost or no cost activities. In 2018, we began to explore the feasibility of generating our own electricity. After lots of advice & support and successfully raising funds and installing solar panels at our sister site (The Masbro Centre) in 2019/20, we decided that it was time for Edward Woods to take the plunge and join the solar revolution! We plan to install 92 solar panels, generating 24,416kw hours per year! As an integral part of the Hammersmith & Fulham Community we are not only committed to reducing our carbon footprint but also to continue to deliver a diverse range of projects for our community. We will launch our panels with a ‘community clear up day’ involving all the groups/clubs that use the centre, residents and local schools.

What we’ll deliver:

  • Edward Woods will produce its own green energy source, approximately 29,000 kwh per year
  • 15.3 tons of Carbon Emissions stand to be saved each year
  • Money saved or generated, estimated at £150k over 20 years, will be spent community projects
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