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Community Energy London is neither qualified nor authorised to offer investment advice. Those interested in participating should; make their own assessment of each offer, take note of any risk factors described in the documents, seek independent financial advice if necessary.

Energy Garden Share Offer

On 17 November 2021, Energy Garden launched its first community share offer to install 231kWp of solar on London’s rooftops. With your help, revenue from these solar panels will support London’s Overground community gardens bringing huge benefits to the environment, commuters and local people. Invest and become a part of a Community Benefit Society that puts people before profit.

Our first project will install a 231 kWp solar panel array on GTR’s Streatham Hill Train Depot

Type: Community Benefit Society Share Offer

Raise: £160,000
Fixed share value: £1
Minimum investment: £50
Maximum investment: £40,000
Target Return: 4%
Generated for community fund annually: £5,769
Generated for community fund over life: £115,389

The Site: GTR Streatham Hill Southern Railway Depot Rooftop

Size: 231 Kilowatt Peak System
Carbon savings, annually: 44.2 tonnes
Carbon savings over life of project: 884 tonnes
Energy Generated, annually: ~208,249 kW hours
Energy Generated, life of project: ~4,165,000 kW hours
Energy Consumed on site annually: 42.8% or ~89,000 kW hours
Energy Exported sold annually: 57.2% or ~119,000 kW hours

The 20-year lifetime energy generation of the project is equivalent to:

Supplying electricity consumption for 992 UK homes for one year
Taking 510 UK cars off the road for one year

The lifetime CO2 absorption of 4,422 trees

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