Current Share Offers

Community Energy London is neither qualified nor authorised to offer investment advice. Those interested in participating should; make their own assessment of each offer, take note of any risk factors described in the documents, seek independent financial advice if necessary.

Lambeth Community Solar

Lambeth Community Solar is Repowering London’s newest project, that will install 145.31 kW of solar panels on two Lambeth Schools, and is hoping to save 31 tonnes of CO2 annually. They are also hoping to generate a community fund of £33,000, and will save the schools £27,000 over the lifespan of the projects. Offer closes: 31/10/2019. Minimum investment: £100

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Schools Energy Coop

The Schools Energy Co-operative has already successfully installed community funded solar panels on 62 schools, including 19 in London. They will shortly be issuing their fifth share offer to raise an initial £600,000 to install solar panels on at least 20 more schools including at least two in Ealing and a number in Harrow.

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North Kensington Community Energy

NKCE is hoping to save 32 tonnes of CO2 from being released every year, with their project to put solar on two schools and a community centre in Kensington and Chelsea! They need to raise £83,000, which will be repaid with an average interest of 3% per year over 20 years. This is a brand new community energy project which will also generate £28,000 for a community fund over the lifetime of the project.

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