Current Share Offers

Community Energy London is neither qualified nor authorised to offer investment advice. Those interested in participating should; make their own assessment of each offer, take note of any risk factors described in the documents, seek independent financial advice if necessary.


CREW Energy is pleased to be launching our first ever share offer! It is also the first ever urban community energy heat pump project; join us and become an eco-pioneer.

We are selling shares for the upfront installation costs of four air source heat pumps at Devas Youth club in Battersea. This funding will help us reduce the carbon footprint of our community, save Devas Club money on its running costs and allow us to invest in climate education and outreach for the next generation.


64 kW Heat Pump Power: This renewable heat will supplement their traditional gas boiler and reduce the club’s reliance on gas heating by up to 90%. 

17 tonnes CO2e avoided annually or £1,000 on energy bills: Installing heat pumps will cut carbon emissions by around 70% (25 tonnes of CO2e per annum!) and improve local air quality through a reduction in gas flue emissions.

Fighting fuel poverty and raising climate awareness: Beyond carbon and money savings, we are also partnering with Devas Club to make it into a sustainability learning hub for the local community.

invest in Devas Club community project