Current Share Offers

Community Energy London is neither qualified nor authorised to offer investment advice. Those interested in participating should; make their own assessment of each offer, take note of any risk factors described in the documents, seek independent financial advice if necessary.

South East London Community Energy

Join the community energy revolution by investing in, and becoming a member of, South East London Community Energy (Selce).

  • Opens 1st November 2019
  • Closes: 30th November 2019
  • Minimum investment per member: £250
  • Maximum investment per member: £20,000
  • Projected 3% annual return on investment

Investors can request withdraw their investment after the first three years of the project. Early repayments will be made subject to availability and board agreement.

SELCE are aiming to raise a target investment of £260,000 to fund all four sites. They are seeking a minimum investment of £25,000 which would fund the smallest of the four sites. Their stretch target to install on two further sites is £325,000.

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Schools Energy Coop

Schools’ energy Co-op has already installed Solar Panels on 61 schools and a children’s hospice. It is now seeking to raise £510,000 under this share offer to enable it to install solar panels on at least 11 more schools and one other building. the more money we raise the more schools can benefit.

The minimum investment is £100 and the maximum investment is £100,000 (inclusive of any shares you already hold in this Co-op acquired under previous share offers). The offer will close when fully subscribed and at the latest on 15th December 2019, unless extended.

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Lambeth Community Solar – NOW FULLY FUNDED!

Lambeth Community Solar is Repowering London’s newest project, that will install 145.31 kW of solar panels on two Lambeth Schools, and is hoping to save 31 tonnes of CO2 annually. They are also hoping to generate a community fund of £33,000, and will save the schools £27,000 over the lifespan of the projects. Offer closes: 31/11/2019. Minimum investment: £100

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Power Up North London – share offer coming soon!

PUNL are in advanced discussions with Camden Council to get solar on at least two schools in the borough.  This would be their largest project to date – installing up to a total of 250 Kw generating capacity.  An estimated 80% of the electricity will be used by the schools, with the remainder exported to the grid.

The project will make good financial sense for PUNL and for shareholders.  By bundling the scheme into one agreement, we are able to keep our legal costs down, and because these are larger installations and the schools themselves are large users we are able to realise some economies of scale.

It will be PUNL’s largest share offer yet – and will need to raise between  £70,000-£100,000.  The share offer should be launched in December, so what about buying friends and family members a really novel, climate friendly present – shares in community energy?

To find out more: email Power Up North London and they will get in touch when the offer goes live.

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Support the Masbro Centre crowdfunder!

The Urban Partnership Group want to install 64 solar panels to the roof of the Masbro Community Centre, to generate its own electricity and use the funds saved for much needed community projects.

What they’ll deliver:

  • Masbro will generate its own green energy source, approximately 19,000kwh per year
  • Money saved or generated, estimated at £65k over 20 years, will be spent on community projects
  • Over 11,000kg of CO2 emissions will be avoided each year

The project received initial support from the London Community Energy Fund phase 2!

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