SELCE speaks at London Assembly’s

Environment Committee

On Wednesday 7th December at 12pm, the London Assembly Environment Committee met to discuss A Green and Just Transition for London’s Businesses. Community Energy London was pleased to see Hamid Tavissoli from one of CEL’s member groups, South East London Community Energy (SELCE) was invited to speak at this meeting, drawing upon his experience as the programme lead for SELCE’s Greener Businesses in Greenwich programme.

Community Energy practitioners have an invaluable, ‘on the ground’ perspective of the challenges faced by their communities in the low-carbon transition. CEL is pleased to see this expertise acknowledged and hopes to see many more community energy groups called upon to input in Net Zero discussions.

In the following clip, Hamid highlights:

  • The Green transition is a particular challenge or small businesses who don’t necessarily have the in-house expertise to deliver sustainability programmes
  • Many businesses do not have the financing to implement measures
  • A need to incentivise and engage the landlords from which businesses rent their premises, as many businesses are tenants and therefore unable to implement measures themselves.

To watch the full recording, please see here.

To learn more about the Greening Businesses in Greenwich programme you can email: [email protected].

12 December 2022