Decarbonising Heat through Community Energy

On Tuesday 29th November 2022 Community Energy London held its final of three Technology Spotlight Events, focusing on Decarbonised Heat.

This event provided valuable information for community energy groups looking to engage in decarbonised heat and those who may wish to work with them, such as heat industry businesses, local authorities and potential site owners.

The Recording

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  • Syed Ahmed – Chair, Community Energy London
  • Kieran Sinclair – Head of Policy, The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE)
  • Dave Powis – Project Officer, Community Energy London and Director, Home Energy Action Lab
  • Tanuja Pandit – Director, Power Up North London
  • Jess Dunning – Project Officer, Community Energy London

Topics Covered

  • Decarbonising Heat in London
  • Heat Networks
  • Community Energy London’s forthcoming Air Source Heat Pump Report findings
  • Power Up North London’s retrofit of Caxton House Community Centre
  • CEL’s Community Energy Peer Mentoring Programme

Resources mentioned in this webinar:

Community Energy London resources:

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