Fuel Poverty & Energy Advice Workshop 2/6

On Friday 24th June we held our second Fuel Poverty and Energy Advice workshop. This bumper edition was during Community Energy Fortnight and looked at the key issue of funding.

Focus: A whistle stop tour of key funding opportunities for fuel poverty alleviation & energy advice based projects & how to secure funding

In this workshop you’ll get:

  • an overview of key funders
  • hear from organisations about applying to their funds
  • meet others on a similar road
  • come away with useful tips for writing strong bids including a preparation template to use, regardless of what type of funders your research points you to.

Invited organisations and funder Energy Redress, UK Power Network’s Power Partners funding, Greenfunders.org.uk and Action Funder. You will also hear the latest about working with one of CEL’s more established members South East London Community Energy (Selce.org.uk)about funding activity from refering suitable households for energy efficiency grants.


  • Welcome and introduction – Alex Hartley CEL Fuel Poverty Co-ordinator
    • Benefits of using a Project Initiation Document (PID) before starting to seek funding: don’t put the cart before the horse!
  • Hearing from funders and key things they want to see in bids

The slides are available here

The recording is below:


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