SE24 & Southwark Council’s Environment Scrutiny Commission

Last night (14.10.2021) community energy group SE24 were invited to present to Southwark Council’s Environment Scrutiny Commission.

They were invited by local councillor, Margy Newens, Chair of the Commission, SE24 Community Energy spoke about some of the projects they are involved with focussing on helping the Council gain a better understanding of how it could act to scale up community energy (CE) in the borough.  Councillor Newans believes that CE has huge potential in this area, both in terms of achieving the Net Zero outcome and bringing the issue of climate change and sustainability to the community through implementing CE projects in Southwark.  SE24’s particular focus was on highlighting funding sources, collaboration opportunities and other practical steps the Council could take to support CE growth in the borough.

You can access the slides from the presentation here.