Community Energy and London’s electricity distribution network: new report

The forthcoming price control for the electricity network (called RIIO-ED2), will set the direction for a crucial period of the energy transition from 2023 to 2028 across Great Britain. London is no exception.

During this period, engagement and collaboration on energy issues will be vital. As distributed generation expands, uptake of new technologies accelerates, and the system becomes more flexible, community energy looks set to make an increasingly important contribution.

Enabling and working with community energy groups in London should be a priority for UKPN, Londnon’s main distribution network operator (DNO), in their business plan for ED2 (a draft of which was recently published).

This report examines what the community sector most needs from its local network at this key transitional moment and makes a series of recommendations.

Report: What does community energy in London need from RIIO-ED2?