Cities and Community Energy

A report by Community Energy London and Community Energy England, supported by the MCS Charitable Foundation.
Urban areas are major sources of carbon dioxide emissions and present significant challenges to achieving large-scale decarbonisation. This report focuses on opportunities for the greater collaboration of Mayors and councils in England’s cities with community energy groups to drive forward projects to tackle the climate emergency, as well as groups helping deliver local climate action plan programmes, and supporting wider behavioural change activities on emissions reduction, an increasingly critical component to achieve Net Zero.
This study analyses the climate emergency plans of England’s Mayoral-led Combined Authorities (excluding London, where we have undertaken separate analysis, published earlier this year), along with a number of these authorities ‘constituent’ councils, identifying particular initiatives within those plans to work with local communities and community groups to drive climate related action.
We then go further to examine where specific programmes have been established to support local community energy activity, what these programmes are, highlighting best practice and opportunities where such programmes can be more widely adopted.
The full report can be accessed here.