CEL Project: Community Energy and Places of Worship

Shahzad Ahmed is currently working on a project for Community Energy London (CEL) looking at the opportunity for further work between community groups and places of worship in London to deliver carbon reduction projects. An outline of the project follows below:
  • Shahzad has been working with CEL since the summer of 2020 with the aim of supporting community energy groups and different faith groups to develop clean energy projects across London.
  • The project started out with some initial research into what different community energy groups were doing in this area, and the challenges and potential opportunities of working with Places or Worship. Shahzad presented the findings at the September 2020 CEL members’ meeting where the overall response was positive.
  • Since then, this work has expanded and he has been liaising with potential partners, interfaith groups and other stakeholders in order to develop a briefing paper. The paper will dive deeper into this issue and lay out the plan of action for greater collaboration between faith groups and community energy groups.

This project is due for completion in June 2021.