Ofgem survey undertaken on the impacts of COVID-19 on energy consumers

Ofgem have published a brief study, undertaken by IPSOS-MORI, outlining the impacts of of social distancing on domestic energy consumption.
The survey – a report of which is available here – found that:
  • Consumers are using more energy than normal for this time of the year (56%) but far fewer (35%) are yet to consider the impact on their bills.
  • Challenges faced by prepayment meter customers (e.g. being unable to top up because local shops are closed, they’re self-isolating at home or they’re unable to afford to top up).
  • Families with children and young people are also experiencing greater financial strain.
  • Consumers call for more advice on lowering energy consumption throughout this time, as well as long-term support to customers who will need to repay debt down the line. There is also a need to effectively communicate already available support, with personalised messaging for different groups.