Community Energy England Call Out:
Has COVID-19 affected project installations, with implications for FITs deadline 31st March?

If there is any danger that you may fail to complete your installation and/or FiTs registration for any reason by 31 March, please email CEE (and copy in as soon as possible with a short paragraph explaining the circumstances and your contact details including, ideally, a phone number. Ofgem have asked for details of issues to be sent to them for them to input into their discussions with BEIS, so please be aware that in the joint recipient in the email hyperlink above. If you prefer, you can email CEE directly at

As it stands, Ofgem says that FiTs timelines and deadlines are specified in legislation which gives no flexibility to Ofgem and so it is a policy issue for BEIS. However, they are helping us with discussions with BEIS and have said that specific evidence is important so please do send any through.

Please ensure that you include any additional mitigating circumstances or specific details of issues e.g. COVID-19 affecting installation, Department for Education additional permissions leading to delays, ability to register on the Ofgem system, etc. CEE are discussing these issues with BEIS, Ofgem and the Department for Education and additional evidence will be essential in helping CEE to lobby them effectively. Please also state in your email that you are happy for CEE to share these details with Ofgem, BEIS and/or DfE as applicable.

There are also threads related to these issues on the Loomio practitioner forum and CEE will provide updates via those threads to avoid clogging up emails. If you haven’t yet registered for the practitioner forum you can sign up here.

*Please email your situation, as CEE is collecting evidence to present to BEIS*.
N.B. Responses to CEE members will be prioritised, but wider evidence is helpful in developing a case.