From Community Energy England: Help make Community Energy an election issue

As you know, there is a general election coming up on December 12th.  The fact is, we need more community energy champions in parliament. We need the next Secretary of State waving on a community energy rooftop! There’s lots to wave about.


As a sector how can we help this happen? Some options:

– Emailing or tweeting Parliamentary Candidates (content here) urging them to mention community energy in their campaigns and local manifestos. Explain why community energy is great e.g. benefits to the local community, and, as a trusted intermediary, key to engaging the wider community to actively participate in the urgent energy transition. Feel free to quote senior politicans e.g. Claire Perry (Energy Minister)  who called community energy a ‘key cornerstone of.. the energy transition’.

– Writing to your local paper

– Attending hustings and joining local radio election phone-ins and mentioning community energy

More info, including a suggested email/ letter and tweet, as well as links to manifestos and summaries of how community energy features can be found on the Community Energy England website