Solar Together is a group-buying scheme, which gives people across the UK the opportunity to buy high quality solar panels at a highly competitive price.

Mayor of London Solar Together Scheme


Solar Together is a collective solar scheme introduced for the first time in Norfolk in 2015. After a successful second run of the scheme in London, Solar Together decided to bring their group buying scheme to other counties in the UK as well. Households and small businesses can register their interest in having solar panels installed on their homes and buildings. With the support of local authorities, the Solar Together scheme will group purchase high quality solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at a very competitive price on their behalf, and install them.


1. Sign up for free and without obligation
2. Auction
3. Personal recommendation
4. You decide if you accept
If you accept your personal recommendation…
Roof survey
Savings on electricity

Find out more on the Solar Together website!

Deadline to express your interest is 21st October