Helen Hayes, MP for Dulwich and West Norwood kicking off the event!

A Celebration of Community Energy in South London!

2nd July 2019


Vic Watson Conference Room

Walworth Methodist Church (WMC)



As part of Community Energy fortnight, SE24 and SELCE are delighted to invite you to a celebration of all things sustainable energy in South London. We are fellow members of Community Energy London who are also supporting celebrations in North, East and West London.

The event is to showcase, celebration and to explore what else we need to see from community energy groups, new and existing, to tackle the dual problems of the climate emergency and fuel poverty, both of which are social justice issues.

Everyone is welcome to come and hear from a diverse mixture of speakers and have your say on what you need to see next. Maybe you could even get more involved with a local community energy group.


Session 1 ‘The big picture/political perspectives’ (chaired by Colin Crooks, CEO of Tree Shephard)

7.00 pm Welcome

7.05 – 7.15  Helen Hayes MP for Dulwich and West Norwood

7.15 – 7.25 Richard Livingstone, Southwark Council, Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport and the Climate Emergency: Southwark Council’s perspective on community energy and for environmental initiatives; Southwark’s response to the Climate emergency.

7.25 – 7.35 Martin O’Brien, Martin O’Brien, Climate Resilience Manager, Lewisham Council: Lewisham’s approach to the Climate Emergency

7.35 – 7.45 Questions

Session 2 ‘Celebrating the achievements of LCEF and community energy groups’
(chaired by Harriet Lamb, Vice Chair of SE24 and CEO of Ashden)

7.50-7.55 Introductory celebration

7.55-8.05 Sylvia Baron GLA/LCEF: The London Community Energy Fund – supporting London’s community energy groups. What has been achieved so far and new call for applications 

8.05-8.15 Alan Jones, Chair of SE24 and Paul Weary, Minister of Walworth Methodist Church: Launching SE24’s installation at Walworth Methodist Church.

8.15-8.25 Alex Hartley, SELCE: SELCE initiatives in tackling fuel poverty and promoting energy efficiency and launching 2019 projects

8.25-8.35 Dave Fuller, Repowering London: Developing Community Energy on a human scale in Lambeth

Session 3 Round table discussion of key issues
(chaired by Giovanna Speciale CEO of SELCE)

8.35-8.40 Group break out instructions and group forming

8.40-9.00 Round table discussions:

  • Group 1: Community Energy (Giovanna Speciale & Laura Wilson)
  • Group 2: Tackling fuel poverty and improving energy efficiency (chaired by Alex Hartley)
  • Group 3: Engaging churches (chaired by Paul Weary & Alastair Hanton)
  • Group 4: Engaging politicians (chaired by Margy Newens)
  • Group 5: Creative responses to climate change (chaired by Harriet Lamb & Dave Fuller)

9.00-9.15 Round table report back

9.15-9.30 Q and A

9.30 pm Close