New Era for decentralised energy as Export Tariff proposals are announced

Written by REA News



This morning the Government released their Future for small-scale low-carbon generation: A consultation on a Smart Export Guarantee.

  • Proposals in the consultation include compensation for small-scale generators for the value of their exported electricity, a new framework which allows the market to develop and increasing the role of small-scale generators in a smarter energy system through the use of smart meters and time of use tariffs.
  • The industry, including the REA, campaigned for the introduction of a market-based solution such as this in their response to the Call for Evidence on Support for Small Scale Power last year.
  • The consultation is set to close on the 5th March 2019.

James Court, Director of Policy and External Affairs at the Renewable Energy Association said:

“These proposals could usher in a new era for small-scale renewables and offer a subsidy free means for homeowners and businesses to generate their own low-cost, low-carbon electricity.”

“It was clear that no-one should be asked to give away electricity for free, and we strongly advocated for a market based solution and are pleased this approach has been adopted. Whilst the details around the transition from the former subsidy scheme will be important, this signal of support for the sector from Government will help our members continue to provide smarter, cleaner and cheaper electricity in the decade to come.”