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Please join us for our monthly online meeting, you can sign up here.

Draft agenda:

  • Welcome – Syed Ahmed, Chair of CEL
  • Introduction to Croydon Community Energy – Connie Muir
  • LED Workshop – Nadia Smith
  • Hannah Dillon – Head of Campaign at Zero Carbon
  • AOB

Nadia’s workshop will include:

Are you interested to offer your community buildings a new way to go green? LED lighting could be a great contender in reducing a site’s energy consumption, whilst upgrading the environment. Switching to LED lighting away from old technologies like CFLs has a huge impact on both energy savings and the wellbeing of people using the site by improving lighting levels. In this session we’ll look at how SE24 and Selce have been working together on their “LED-ing the Way!” project to develop a new area of business in LEDs retrofit for schools and community buildings. This will include:

  • Benefits of LED lighting retrofit
  • How to conduct a lighting audit
  • Feasibility studies and what to factor in (financial model)
  • Seeking installers/electrical contractors
  • Common types of light fittings and different solutions
  • How to finance this through grant funding and community share offers
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Case studies of existing sites
  • Where to access further resources

We are looking forward to seeing you all.

If you have any questions, updates on projects you’d like to share or ideas for future meetings please email me [email protected]