What is Community Energy?

Community energy is where people come together to engage in energy-related activities, usually in response to concerns about climate change, inequality and fuel poverty. Projects are designed to have local benefits and are led by local people – and activities can include generating renewable energy, efficiency measures, group buying and initiatives aimed at changing behaviours. It can mean everything from clubbing together to get solar on your local estate or city farm, to doing talks with schools about saving energy, or even screening a film about energy with your neighbours. Community energy projects are widely recognised as an effective way to raise awareness and engage people in energy issues.

Community Energy London (CEL)

CEL was established to help support groups in London to share experience, resources and learning – as well as to inspire new groups and lobby government to favour community energy. We’re a varied bunch; some of us are driven by the desire to mitigate dangerous climate change, others want to eradicate fuel poverty in London: The one thing we have common? We’re all trying to make a difference and improve our city!

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